Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey

Lerg: A give-and-go off-post drill for practice


By Jeff Lerg –

This is a drill that can help train many areas of a goaltender’s game. Make sure to use at least three shooters to make this drill unpredictable. Another shooter can be added to increase the options for the passer. One shooter will pass the puck from the slot down to a player below the goal line. The player below the goal line can make a quick pass to any player in the slot area. It is good to have shooters that are different hands and make sure they switch their position each time. The goalie should work on a precise push from the top of the crease directly onto the post. Many developing goalies have a difficult time finding the post in a balanced position and take a second to correct themselves. Next, the goalie should check the slot to get a quick glance of the open players. Take a look at which hand they shoot, so that it becomes easier to square up to the puck when pushing off of the post. You will notice that a goal is scored in this clip because I squared up to the shooters’ body and not the puck. Lastly, the goalie should work on reading the play to decide if he should slide into the save or push out on his feet. When possible, work on getting out and set at the top of the crease. Use a slide when it becomes more of a desperation save. Battle and compete for rebounds.