The toaster from the players' lounge is available through the Wings' online auction

The “best” items for sale through Wings’ Joe Louis Arena online auction

The toaster from the players’ lounge is available through the Wings’ online auction


By @MichaelCaples –

So, there’s some epic stuff and some hilarious stuff available through the Joe Louis Arena online auction.

The “highlights” are below:

  • The “Al the Octopus” 10 foot by 10 foot by 8 foot creature that hung from the rafters – imagine having that in your man cave.
  • Locker stalls from a bunch of players – yeah, you know you want one.
  • The toaster from the players’ lounge – toast your bread like a champion.
  • The game countdown clock from the locker room – that’d be an awesome timer for your kitchen.
  • The warning sign in the players’ sauna – don’t overheat.
  • Restroom entrance signs – No signs of the ‘troughs’ though…yet. We’re still reading.
  • Door header leading into the locker room – Yeah, that’s just awesome.
  • Chairs from the coaches’ office – Can’t verify which coach sat in which seat though.
  • Stanley Cup Final signs – Remember the good times.
  • The glass pictures from outside the rooms – If you haven’t seen those, they’re pretty cool; the hallway served as a little Red Wings Hall of Fame.
  • Seating section signs – So you can properly separate your living room.
  • “Alcohol may not be removed from the building” signs – Going to assume that these will be the most expensive things when the bidding is done.
  • Parrot from Daiquiri Bar – No caption necessary.
  • Glass signs from concourse – Some iconic shots of No. 9 and others that anyone familiar with The Joe would recognize…really cool.
  • “Ice Quality” sign – The NHL and the NHLPA sign spelling out the expected ice conditions…great gift for the local rink Zamboni driver.

We’re still combing through this…


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