From The Crease: Reaching for Pucks

By Jeff Lerg –

Being a smaller goaltender, I had to develop the skill of reaching for the puck. As shooters increased their shot accuracy and speed over the years, the puck very rarely seemed to just hit me in the chest. Many top-end shooters seemed to eventually find that placing a shot just over a goaltender’s pad (11 inches with the new NHL standard) is a very hard save for a goalie. Through the years, I subconsciously taught myself how to make a save by reaching my hand over my pad. I have now developed some off-ice workouts/stretches that help develop this specific skill.

I would also like to give a reminder that Future Pro is hosting a two-day Christmas Clinic in three different locations.

Dec. 22-23
Dec. 22-23
Dec. 26-27
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Jeff Lerg is the head director at Future Pro USA Goaltending.

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