Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey

Lerg: Medicine ball training drill



Thanks to Mitch Korn – currently the goalie coach for the Washington Capitals – the medicine ball has become an efficient tool for goaltender training. In this video, I use a 15-pound medicine ball in order to work on my hip and hand rotation when recovering to a new position. If you are having trouble getting a rapid hip/torso rotation, I recommend doing drills of this variation with a medicine ball. Rotate your eyes and hands to the location you are pushing towards, and the weight of the medicine baIl will help you rapidly turn your torso to become square. The point is to get your eyes, hands and hips completely square to the puck. After doing a few reps with the ball, try it with your stick and gloves and you should feel quicker and smoother in your transitions. I felt a noticeable difference in my body getting square when sliding through the crease.

Jeff Lerg is the head director at Future Pro USA Goaltending.

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