Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey

Lerg: A lateral adjustment drill for your next practice


Jeff Lerg’s ‘From the Crease’ blog is back with a new drill for you to incorporate into your next goaltending practice.

Push off the post to the top of the crease and make sure you get your feet set completely. The first shooter will shoot the first puck low to the side we are working on. You will make a game like recovery to the second puck because a low shot will most likely end up in the direction. Adjust and push while on your knees. You can either push into a post seal or stay in front of the post with your hands out. Make sure to stop on your outside leg, so you don’t over slide.  Recover to the third puck on your feet and work on small shuffles to top the of the crease.  Again, work on getting your feet set before the shot is take.  Battle and compete and any rebounds on the last shot.

Lerg is the head director at Future Pro USA Goaltending.