Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey

Lerg: A lateral cut drill to incorporate into your training (with video)


By Jeff Lerg –

Below is a drill that I think can help many different aspects in a goaltender’s game.  Have two shooters line up in the middle of the ice.  One will be at the top of the circles and the other will be a few feet inside the blue line.  One of the main areas that developing goaltenders struggle with is their ability to keep their hands in good position while moving.  This lateral cut drill forces you to keep your hands in a reactionary position while shuffling laterally with the shooter.  The lateral movement from the shooter also forces the goaltender to make short, precise shuffles in order to stay in line with the shooter’s stick.  The goaltender should work on snapping the leg that pushes back underneath him before the shot is take. Lastly, work on holding your ground with the shooter and gap up as if there is no backdoor threat.  A controlled save will help give a better chance if any rebound pops out.

Jeff Lerg is the head director at Future Pro USA Goaltending.