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NCAA rules committee proposes modifications to video review

Photo by Michael Caples/MiHockey


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Video review has been quite the hot topic in hockey this season, and the collegiate level is looking to make some changes to it.

The NCAA announced today that the Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee has proposed an adjustment to limit lengthy reviews “while maintaining the ability to correct egregious errors.”

The rules committee recommended two changes to the replay rules that were implemented last season. The first is clarification that the ability to review plays ends if the defensive team gains possession of the puck. The second is the ability for on-ice officials to review, without a coach’s challenge, to the last 10 minutes of the game and any overtime periods in regular-season games.

Previously, that time limit was the last two minutes of a game or any overtime period.

“We sought to put limits on the manner in which potential offsides can be reviewed while still allowing officials and coaches to get it right,” said Joe Bertagna, rules committee chair and commissioner of the Hockey East Association, via release.

The rules committee also confirmed that the current overtime options in the rulebook will remain in effect. Conferences will still decide how to approach the topic, while ties will still appear in the NCAA count.

“Not only was the rules committee aware of the vocal opposition to the 4-on-4 format from some segments of the coaching community, but it also recognized the many systems that are being used and tried out,” Bertagna said. “This will be a major topic of discussion next year as we respond to the body’s stated desire to have one overtime system in the book.”

The committee examined the sport’s offsides rules, as well, but they did not make any changes at this time.


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