Reebok offers 60-day warranty on SicKick sticks through Dec. 31

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By Michael Caples –

While the technology and materials put into hockey sticks continues to improve, there’s still one problem.

You can’t make a one-piece composite hockey stick that will never break.

And since the days of the earliest one-piece twigs, there have 30-day manufacturer warranties included in one’s purchase of said hockey necessity.

Yet 30 days just didn’t seem like enough for Reebok hockey this holiday season.

The hockey equipment provider decided that any sticks (or shafts) from the Reebok SicKick 4 line – 20K, 18K, 16K, and 14K models – purchased between Nov. 29 and Dec. 31 will have a 60-day warranty, instead of the traditional one-month warranty.

“At Reebok-CCM, we feel that our sticks are, performance-wise, good enough to compete with any other brand, and with the durability factors as well,” said Jordan Boman, a Michigan sales rep for the company. “We’re definitely willing to put our neck on the line to extend the warranty to 60 days because we’re comfortable with our sticks and the construction that they have to let this warranty go to 60 days. We’re excited about it for the consumer, and at the same time, it gets the sticks in their hands, and they get a feel for what our sticks are like, for the consumer that hasn’t used one yet.”

That means 30 more days of hacking and whacking without worrying about your stick breaking – who could complain about that?

“We’re pretty happy with the 60-day warranty, knowing that our sticks do have a low return rate,” Boman said. “We’re not too worried about the warranty at 30 days or 60 days.”


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